Key Characteristics

*FDA compliant
*Low cost
*Low Temperature resistance
*Low strength
*Easy to bond
*Material is Paintable, Machinable, and Heat / Vacuum Formable

ABS plastics offers a well balance of chemical and heat resistance, dimensional stability, rigidity, tensile strength and abrasion resistance. You can typically cut this material with standard cutting tools. ABS grades may be used for outdoor application, but continuous exposure to the sunlight causes color changes and can impact strength, surface gloss, hardness and elastic modulus.

Acetal / Delrin / Polyoxymethylene

Key Characteristics:

*Moderate cost
*Moderate temperature resistance
*Moderate strength
*Excellent Machining
*Good chemical resistance
*Good bearing and wear properties
*Low coefficient of friction
*Difficult to bond
*Both Delrin and Acetal are FDA Compliant

There are two types of acetals: homopolymer and copolymer. Homopolymer are popular for applications that require self lubricating parts. While copolymer is more resistant to hot water and hot air over homopolymer. Each one was designed for a specific application. Acetals are available in several unreinforced and reinforced grades like PTFE-filled, Glass-filled, and silicone grades.

Acetals are most popular among machinist. The reason being is because Acetal cuts well with most machine tools and can machine well with lathes.

Acrylic/ Polymethyl Methacrylate

Key Characteristics

*Low cost
*Low Temperature resistance
*Low strength
*Excellent Clarity

Cast acrylics are strong, thermoformable, weather resistant and clearer than glass, light weight and known for their glossy surfaces. Adhesion for acrylics is excellent. Some applications of acrylic can be in POP displays, R/C remote car bodies, canopies, lighting diffusers, skylights and LED displays, camper tops, instrument panels displays, boats, protective glazing, product prototypes, toys and signs. Acrylics can handle most applications done by glass. However this material does not have the same surface hardness as glass and is susceptible to damage by scratching. It is important to note that abrasion/ scratch resistant material is available, but at an added cost.

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