Welcome To High Tech Plastics

Welcome to High Tech Plastics!

Here at High Tech Plastics, I specialize in my large selection of off-cut or remnant pieces. I have a massive selection of plastic materials, from commodity plastics to high performance plastics. I carry plastics such as ABS, Acetal, HDPE, UHMW, PEEK, Ultem, and everything in between.  Just because I specialize in remnant pieces does not mean I only sell remnants. I have a large inventory of full size plastic sheets, rods and tubes. I also have the capability of cut-to-order pieces right here in house!

The large volume of material I cut generates a never ending supply of remnant and off-cut pieces. I update inventory as often as possible, and keep my shelves stocked. I offer these remnant pieces at rock bottom prices, so I can pass on the savings to you, the customer. When others don’t have it, High Tech Plastics does.

If you need more information on a plastic material, please click the “Materials” link in the top bar, and select the plastic you would like to know more about. If you require more information, or the information you are looking for is not on our site, please contact me. I have a wealth of plastic knowledge, and I can help you select the best material for the job.

You can find pricing by clicking the “Pricing” link, also located on the top bar, and selecting the plastic material you want pricing on. You can use the built in search bar in our eBay store to find the size you require, or the next best size. If we do not carry the size you need, send me an email and I will be happy to quote it for you.

A newer addition to my site, I also have a plastics blog, where you can read helpful information about plastics and the plastics industry, and see what is going on in the plastics world. Have an idea about an article I should write? Let me know, and I will be happy to research it and share it with the plastics community.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope to see you soon!

Penny Plastics and High Tech Plastics are synonyms.

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19 Responses to “Home”

  1. Penny Plastics

    Hi Doc!
    Our Sunboard product is just like HDPE. It is softer just like plastic cutting boards. In fact, our Sunboard is the same material they make cutting boards from, but with different additives to make it last in the sun and the elements.

    Hope this helps out!
    Penny P

  2. Doc

    Is the HDPE sheet goods that you call “Sunboard” a hard or soft product? I’m looking for something like a cutting board…

  3. Penny Plastics

    I am sorry, currently we do not have a will call option. I would be happy to quote you and give you the best shipping option. We do have a local freight carrier (if it is for full sheets) called Hollywood Delivery that is very cost effective.

  4. Barry Gauthier

    I would like to purchase HDPE to use for cutting boards. I am in Anaheim Hills. Can I come and purchase directly from you and pick up the material since I am in the neighborhood?
    You can call or text me at 714-815-1876

  5. Jim Humphrey

    I want to build a home garage Lexan MR10 sheet Heat Bender. I just want to bend some windshields and side windows for me and my friends side by sides. Do you know where I could get plans for the bender and specs on how hot to heat the sheet and how long? Some say also, that it has to be ‘dried’ first in an oven for hours. Is this correct? If so, how is the dry time determined and how is it done (without a professional oven? I will mostly be using 3/16″ or possibly 1/4″ Lexan MR10. I already have some ni-chrome wire and an auto transformer. I am a trained electrician and very good with electricity. Thanks for your help.

  6. john

    I am looking for 15 feet of 1/4×2″ of UHMW. how much would that run me? thank you for your assistance.

  7. Penny Plastics

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for the request. We have lots of pieces of UHMW in our inventory. I will search our inventory then follow up with an email. Thanks!

  8. Robert


    I’m looking for 2 pieces of UHMW plastic to mount on the bottom of my Push Sled for weight training.

    Do you have any scraps avaialble of UHMW around the following Dimensions:

    Width – 4 Inches
    Length – 33 Inches
    Thiickness – .50 – .75 inches

    Is this material easy to drill in order to mount on sled? Easy Cut?


  9. Joe Giffin

    Hello ,
    I have appx 50 PTFE sheets , 53″ x 45″ x 3/16″ I would like to sell . If interested ,or know someone that might be ,please contact me ,I’m also in Anaheim .

    Thank you
    Joe Giffin
    JG Transwerks

  10. Penny Plastics

    Hi Daniel,

    Have you heard of or tried using UHMW? UHMW has a very low coefficient of friction, and is commonly used for wear applications. It is rigid, but not as rigid as say, Acetal. Acetal and Nylon may also be a good choice depending on how you want to split your rigid/wear.
    The closest I can get to 7/64 is .090″ on the thinner side and .125″ on the thicker side.


  11. Daniel


    I am making zero clearance inserts for my table saw. Can you recommend me a plastic that is highly rigid, but also has a low coefficient of friction? The rigid part is the most important, the friction is not so important, but would be nice.

    It needs to be 7/64″ thick, or thereabouts. (I do not know if 1/8 would work, but I could try it. Thinner might be better) I need a piece at least 4″ wide and at least 14″ long, but if I am going to pay for shipping anyways, I could always get a larger piece, or two pieces to try out.



  12. Thomas Nygaard

    I would like a quote for a sheet of UHMW 4’x6’x3/4″ in white/natural shipped to 95667. Thank you.

  13. Gary Watkins

    I would like to order a Teflon sheet from you. However I do not have a PayPal account on eBay. Are there other ordering/payment options available such as COD? I am located in Fayette, Alabama.

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